Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wellington pictures

Top picture, I believe (from what a woman told me) is Mount Taranaki (way in the distance) on the south-western end of the north island, in view on the way to Wellington.
Second and third pictures are of pretty creepy, satirical, political mannequins at the Backbencher Restaurant in Wellington.  Susan took me there to see them.   The joker is Dan Brash; batman is John Key; and Robin is Bill English.  They were all part of the National leadership team.  The woman is the last female prime minister of NZ (Helen Clark, who lost reelection to John Key in 2008).  In the back room of the restaurant, it's a sports bar, and there are mannequins of famous rugby and soccer players.

Rasa is the Malaysian restuarant Susan and I went to Friday night...mmmm... fish curry...

The last picture is a tree with a scarf knitted around it; it's called "tagging," and evidently, people go around to trees with their yarn, and just knit a pattern around the tree, effectively tagging it.  Yes, they stand right there at the tree and knit.  I didn't actually see anyone doing it, but the results are interesting.

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