Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More rainbows on Full Moon Day

[On Thursday now, I'm adding pictures:  #1 and #2 are Vayu making a special triangular-shaped sushi; and the rest are the beautiful day-time rainbow that occurred the day after the full moon rainbow.  In the last picture, you see the end beyond the farmhouse - Lucy and John's house.]

Today, Sarah P-C said she saw a rainbow on the way to the shala on the same horizon as we saw the full moon rainbow last night (west horizon).

Evelyn and Bela practiced teaching at 5:30 AM with John, and they led our short practice at 8 AM.  Today is technically the full moon day, so we didn't do a regular practice.  Full and new moons affect the human body like they affect ocean tides.  You can read more about yoga and full/new moons at:

We ended early with our short practice, so we had breakfast and headed back to a longer-than-usual morning class.  John really got us to focus - to stay on point.  In other classes, we've somewhat diverted from the subject at hand.  John is great at pulling us together.

For lunch, Lucy made us lentil dal and rice.  Afternoon class, we had some discussion and ended with an intense and wonderful tonglen meditation.  You can read more about tonglen at:, or look it up on wikipedia.

After class, Bela, Evelyn and I headed to Motueka to pick up a few things, including some earplugs for tomorrow's class (so we can hear our breath better).  It poured rain as we walked out of the store.  

Shortly after we arrived back at Stillpoint, there was yet another rainbow - actually, a double rainbow - on the east horizon.  It was vibrant.  Evelyn and I took pictures, so I'll add them to this post when I can upload them (other pictures have been added to earlier posts).

For dinner, we had "make your own sushi," with all kinds of veggie fillings, sesame seeds, wasabi, salmon, and eggs.  It was terrific.  Vayu made a very special triangle-shaped sushi wrap that was beautiful.  Again, there should be a picture up of it some time soon.

Time to get a good night's sleep.

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