Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day off in Nelson

It's the second week, and I'm going back to these emails to add pictures, so I'll write here what they are:  1st one above is Sarah P-C, me, and Amanda at Georgie's party; 2nd one is Sabine, Evelyn, Sarah C, and Vayu in Nelson the day of the party; 3rd one is the Indian dance teacher and Peter, Georgie's husband (he's in the background on the right) doing their dance at the party; 4th is Brigid, me, and Evelyn in Nelson; and 5th/last is Bela and Evelyn at Georgie's party.

No practice today - our day off... and since John and Lucy encourage students to get out and do something on Saturdays, we did.  

We all went in to Nelson together (well, two separate cars; Brigid and Amanda rented one), and had breakfast at Lambretta's... it was, well, just OK.  Very fun-diner-ish, but having eaten several wonderful breakfasts down the street at Morrison Cafe, it couldn't measure up.  Nevertheless, it was fun being all together, being served breakfast - especially the flat whites... MMMMMMM....

After eating, we headed to Montgomery Square, where there's a farmer's and craft market.  We bought pears (6 different varieties, including "lemon pop?"), plums, melon, peaches, avocados, rosemary, peppers (NZ$2.50 for a bag of red, orange and yellow peppers?!  You could *maybe* buy one pepper for that price in the US right now...), local olive oil, and other produce.  

There was other local shopping to be done before we drove back to Stillpoint to get ready for Georgie's birthday party (back in Nelson at her and her family's house).  For the party, we made curried rice with chickpeas and peas, and salad (with cashews, feta, tomato and avocado).

Brigid, Sarah C, and Sabine all decided to stay at Stillpoint to rest.

So, Amanda, Evelyn, Vayu, and I set out for the party.  There were already lots of guests there (including many many children).  Had my first glass of NZ wine since I arrived - an incredible Sauvignon Blanc (from Waimea, I think?).  The potluck was intended to be Indian food, and so it fit the bill for us yogis:  beet root with yogurt sauce, lots of chickpea dishes, samosas, rice, etc.  Much to choose from.

Before we left, the energy level went way up, as Georgie's husband, Peter, danced and Indian dance with his teacher.  The music was powerfully uplifting, and smiles and laughter became very contagious.  The kids all joined in, as did many other party-goers (including Sarah P-C, back from her trip to a wedding in Wellington, Bela, Amanda, and Vayu).  Evelyn and I took pictures.  (As mentioned before, I hope to connect the camera to upload some soon).

All in all, a very busy, fun day-off.  The waxing moon and the southern cross guided us home.  

Tomorrow morning, we're doing 108 sun salutations together.  

Later, I'll make pumpkin muffins with leftovers from earlier in the week, and Evelyn may make a pumpkin cake for Georgie (her actual birthday is tomorrow and she'll return from being with her family tomorrow, so we'll celebrate again).

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