Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dark moon

...and was it ever...

Energy in the shala this morning was quite low; perhaps we're all in tune with the moon?

In India, many of the women menstruate together on the new moon, and they stay secluded from the men at that time.  So today, for morning class, John and Vayu took a walk together to the meditation tree, and Lucy joined the rest of us (women) for discussion and review of restorative poses.

Of course, men benefit from restorative poses, too, so during morning practice, Vayu practiced them, and in class, when he and John came back, he was included in going over how to set them up.

The energy could also have been a bit lower this morning because we're now missing one of our fellow students.  Amanda had to leave early to fly to the north island to start on her next journalism assignment on the Maori (say "MAHW-ree").  There is a sadness knowing that our time together is coming to an end (and of course, it's a new beginning for us all, too).

Tomorrow is our last day, and we'll just have morning practice and then "exit consultations" with John and Lucy (each person separately).

I'll take Evelyn in to the airport for her early afternoon flight, and then return to Stillpoint to pack myself, as I'm taking a short trip to Wellington this weekend.

One of my clients back in Pennsylvania lived in Wellington for a while, and she connected me with her friends there, so they will pick me up and we'll have dinner together Friday night.  Saturday, I plan to explore the city, including Te Papa museum and the Botanical Gardens.
I'll return Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who has written and been so supportive.  I truly hope you can all experience yoga and New Zealand in your own lives in your own way.

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