Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday and Saturday night parties

Friday after class, Sarah P-C went to work cleaning so she could have her birthday (Saturday) off; we all did what we could to help.

Around 6 PM, two cars headed to Nelson, to Sarah P-C's aunt and uncle's house (Jane and Douglas).  They have quite a full-blown garden in the back, as well as a chicken coop.  From there, we went to Harry's Bar for dinner.  Funny thing:  Tim and I went there last year for dinner as a special night out in Nelson.  Last year it was great; this year it was great.

Bela (btw, the Bela doing yoga at Stillpoint, not Bella the cat) and Dion met us at the restaurant.  Georgie was with her family this weekend and couldn't join us.

I had salmon wontons (wait 'til you see what they looked like!) and "jungle curry."  Vayu had some of the appetizer wasabi peas and udon noodle soup with heads-on prawns.  Sabine had chicken curry, made with wonderful coconut (oh, and Sabine and I both had a drink with coconut, lime and... I'll have to ask her; we both loved it).  Evelyn and Jane got fish with green tea noodles.  Bela had the lamb.  The desserts were wonderful, and several of us shared them:  including coconut and ginger flan, 5-spice chocolate mousse, and kafir lime tart (Tim, you would have LOVED this one).  Everyone really enjoyed the meal and the revelry.

Amanda, Brigid and Sarah P-C stayed in Nelson to dance and "hit the town," while Sabine, Sarah C, Evelyn, Vayu and I headed back to Stillpoint (since we needed a good rest before a day-trip on Saturday). 

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