Sunday, March 22, 2009

Updating since Sunday

Sunday began with self-practice.  Vayu and I were in the room around 8:30, and others came later.  For some reason, Lucy came in with John around 9 AM, but left shortly thereafter.

It felt really good to practice and stretch everything out after all the walking Saturday, and the only soreness I felt was a bit in my shins (probably from walking down all the hills we climbed).

Several of us enjoyed oatmeal with nuts and raisins breakfast together afterward, and then we made another Sunday trip to pick up a few groceries and to wash clothes (note:  HOORAY - the clothes washer was fixed today, Monday]

Since the refrigerator isn't working, we had to really limit things we bought that needed to be kept cool.  Sarah P-C has her own refrigerator, and she's generously letting us use it for a few things.  [Today - Monday - the refrigerator was taken away to be fixed - or potentially replaced - thankfully, it's under warranty]

When we returned, people rested or read or studied.  Brigid and I did some Body Rolling together, too; she's "in love with [the Yamuna] balls," just like Erik from Sweden was last year when I brought them to NZ.  It's really fun to share them and to show how to use them.  Yogis really tend to understand how they can be used effectively very easily.

Before dinner time, I used up some blueberries (from the freezer) making some gluten-free muffins (Brigid can't eat gluten), and then Evelyn, Sarah C, Vayu and I cooked together:  Sarah C made awesome wild rice (first time I've ever seen wild rice that is red - tasted amazing), Vayu made more wakame soup (this time using mussels, but Vayu was unhappy that the mussels had been soaked in an acidic juice, making them a bit sour ---- we all loved the soup regardless), and Evelyn and I made Potato Pea Tofu Curry.  Everyone else came to eat dinner together.  

Unfortunately, it was too late to give Sarah P-C the cake Evelyn and I made for her, so we planned to do it Monday.

Vayu and I had practice with John at 5:30 AM Monday morning, and we just spent 15-20 minutes or so going over what he wanted us to do for the 8 AM practice, and then we each did our own practice.  

I think both Vayu and I really enjoyed teaching, and the class was very receptive.  It was fun to "say good morning" to each person in the room with a gentle adjustment as I taught, and then  also to be able to focus solely on adjusting people when Vayu was teaching.  

Another female student was doing her period practice, so John, Lucy, and I helped set her up in restorative poses.  Lucy was very helpful in making suggestions.

Morning theory class was mostly on adjustments in a few more poses we have to finish this week.  Lucy made a huge salad and spinach quiche for lunch.  I also put out some salmon I'd bought at the store that needed to be eaten.  The salmon here in NZ is fantastic.
Sarah P-C requested we do her [carrot-birthday] cake for lunch, so Evelyn frosted and decorated it with a yin/yang symbol, and she found a couple tea lights for Sarah to blow out.  

Afternoon class was short, as John had something planned with his son, Finn.

A few people had some errands to run in Motueka, so we took the car and headed out.  Evelyn got a few pictures from the bonfire printed to give John and Lucy; they're incredible pictures.  She has a great camera and is a great photographer.  Hopefully, I'll get one of her pictures to post.

Brigid and Amanda were interested in more Body Rolling when we returned, so we did some before dinner (and while dinner was cooking:  Silverbeet and Butternut squash - they call it Butternut pumpkin here - stew; and amaranth with curry).

Vayu gave me a wonderful class on Tai Chi tonight; watching him move, doing his Tai Chi, is just amazing - so inspiring.  It's really different and incredible to learn to move in curved, gentle, yet powerful lines.  My shoulders felt (and still feel) so relaxed when we're done, and I felt full of energy.

Before coming in to type, Sarah C, Bela, Evelyn, and I hung out talking for a while.  

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