Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ascended Masters cards

For fun tonight, Brigid brought her Ascended Masters cards to the shala lounge area, and India and Sarah P-C were having people choose a card to read what it said for them.

Appropriately, amazingly, I drew the Teacher Card, which says:

This card is about learning and teaching.  You've learned a lot from your experiences and relationships, and now it's time to pass that knowledge along to others.  Your current situation is bringing you opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching you some important life lessons.  As soon as you understand and accept these lessons, old patterns will drop away and be replaced by wonderful new experiences.

Additional meanings for this card:  
This person or situation is bringing you important life lessons.  
Ask yourself, "What's the blessing that this situation has brought to me?"  
Your life purpose involves teaching.  
Forgive a teacher from your past.  
You are urged to teach others.


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