Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures from our lunch trip to Jester House in Mapua on Wednesday.  I think, traditionally, John and Lucy do lunch with the teacher trainees on the last Friday of the training, but since Amanda had to leave early on Thursday, we went on Wednesday.

So - first picture is the sign outside Jester House, and the second picture indicates that the sign is correct:  they have live LARGE eels in the stream beside the restaurant.  You can buy beef on a stick to feed to them; we didn't, but we went down to see them.  

[aside:  sadly, some other restaurant up in Golden Bay had eels in a stream nearby, too, and someone came and took them all - killed them for food, I believe]

Third picture is most of the group hanging out on the terrace waiting for lunch.

Last picture is actually before we left to take the two vans to the restaurant:  it's Sarah P-C dancing.  She - and a few others - often just break in to some kind of dance as they're walking around.  It's quite joyful.

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