Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun, fun, fun

For those who read the post on the bonfire...  Here is the terrifically fun song Sarah C sang (and we sang the chorus with her).  She wrote it out for me as follows:

"Donald, where's yer troosers?"  (the Scottish say "troosers," and not "trousers")

Verse 1 - 
I just got in fae the Isle a Sky
I'm not very big and I'm awfully shy
the lassies shout as I go by
Donald, where's your troosers?

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low,
Doon the street in my kilt I go
& all the lassies say hello
Donald, where's your troosers?

Verse 2 - 
A lady took me to a ball & I was slippery
I was afraid that I would fall in the hall
'Cause I did ny have my troosers

Verse 3 - 
To wear the kilt is my delight
It is 'ny wrong & I know it's right
The highlanders would get a fright
If they saw me in my troosers

Verse 4 - 
Well I caught a cold and my nose was raw
I hand no hanker-chief at all
So I hiked up my kilt & I gave it a blow
Now you can't do that with troosers

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