Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday - have I missed St. Patrick's Day?

It's hard to keep track of the days here since we just do things by the day of the week and not the date, and it seems that no one is keeping track of the world news.  If someone is, he/she doesn't talk about it.

For the first time since we all arrived, politics came up in conversation; somehow, we were talking about actors or something, and I mentioned that a client of mine went to see Will Ferrell's performance of George W. Bush in New York City and said it was hysterical.  Those people present didn't seem too fond of our last president (like me).

Anyway... taking a break from world news is quite relieving.

Today, Tuesday (the 17th?), Vayu and I met John at 5:30 AM and planned the 8 AM practice.  Vayu started the class in a similar, yet different way, from the way Georgie and Sarah P-C did.  He's quite intuitive about the movements of a child, even though he's not a dad.  It was fun exploring the movements as he led the class.  

We tag-team taught through the Series to a few seated poses, and then, like yesterday, the class continued on their own, though John suggested people keep the practice shorter so we'd start morning theory class sooner.  One of our participants is on her female holiday (moon cycle), so she did several restorative poses on bolsters for the class.  It's a very comforting practice.  

Morning class was vigorous with discussion and listening.  For lunch, Lucy made a chickpea, zucchini and tomato dish, with tofu in a spinach sauce on the side.  Both were great.

Afternoon class started a bit late, and people seemed tired, so I took pictures of most everyone waiting for John to arrive (will post the pictures later).  You'll see people in various states of rest or body stretching/exploration.

We began class with a meditation/sitting practice, which seemed to really help focus everyone.  Afterward, we were able to work on several different asana and how to teach and adjust them.  

It has been quite a productive, inspiring day.  My head does, indeed, feel a bit better.

Has anyone out there been following the Phillies?  If so, please write to me and give me an update on their spring training.  Thanks!

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