Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, Tuesday

Too busy and not-good-enough internet connections recently to post; I'm hoping this post will save and be posted.

From what I can tell, I didn't post about Sunday yet either... wow, I'd better catch up:

Sunday morning self-practice was really great.  Evelyn started first around 8:30, and I and Vayu joined her.  Gradually others joined us, including Lucy and John around 9 AM.  The energy in the room was very focused and warm and uplifting.  
Actually, temperature-wise, the shala is always quite warm since they have a special heater they can adjust as needed.  Since the temperature outside has warmed up again (after a few days of cooler weather - and cold at night), we don't need as much added heat.

Several of us shared a delicious hot millet cereal breakfast (with nuts and dried fruit) and then we headed to Nelson to do some shopping.  Vayu wanted to go to the Asian store there to get some kim-chee (sp?), which we've all been eating and enjoying.  It's from Korea.  I remember seeing how they make it on an Anthony Bourdain episode of No Reservations on Korea.  The spiciness is just what I love, and it goes well with much of what we make/eat.  It is made from cabbage and spicy pepper, and sometimes fermented fish.  Like sauerkraut, it contains many beneficial bacteria for digestion.
[Vayu said that, when he was in Mysore, India, for 3 months for yoga, he made a special meal for 13 or so Korean friends who had come to Mysore, too, and they ate up 2 kg of kim-chee in one meal!]

There were actually several wonderful things in Asian grocery store that we picked up; I'm sure I'll be noting them as we eat them.

Amanda wanted to see if she could find a nice NZ wool sweater, which she did.

We didn't get back to Stillpoint until 3:30 PM, so we had a very late lunch, and rested, read, or just hung around for a while. 

Vayu made a special dinner for us using rice cake noodles - very spicy and unbelievably good.  Wow, can he cook.

Monday morning, Sarah C and Georgie got up early to practice teaching with John, and they started our practice at 8 AM.  Before the Primary Series (of Ashtanga), they started us in fetal position, like when we were babies, and they gradually took us up to standing.  They counted us through the standing poses and a few seated poses.

After their part in the teaching, John let us go in to our own practices, and it was great.  I didn't feel full of energy, but the energy in the room carried me along.  I, Sarah C, and Georgie seem to have gotten some sinus condition over the weekend, but they don't seem to be exactly the same thing.  

Georgie's seems more like a cold, and mine is in my upper sinuses and was in my throat, too.  Sarah's seems to be a bit of both.  We've all been using Olba's oil, which includes cajuput oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, juniperberry oil, mint oil, and wintergreen oil.  It's pretty potent stuff.  I don't think you can buy the actual oil in the U.S., but I've bought Olba's menthol lozenges before.  The lozenges here taste much better, though, than those sold in the U.S. (at least those sold in Philadelphia).  Georgie used the oil tonight to make a vapor tent for herself.  I may do the same if things don't improve.

Anyway, with the pressure in my head, it was difficult to concentrate during class, but I did my best.  Sometimes, an illness or feeling of sickness can help me feel more present than without it, but when your head and throat ache, it's challenging.

Oh - I don't think I mentioned about the whole laundry issue, did I?  When I put my clothes in the washer early Sunday morning, the first load was fine, but the second load got stuck in the washer.  That is, the door wouldn't open.  

Lucy had to call a repairman, who opened the door Monday (after I sent my clothes through another rinse), but who said we have to wait for a part to come in before he can fix it.  So, we'll have to trek to Motueka to do laundry.  Svaha.  These things happen.  I'm just thankful the repairman was able to get the door open so I could get my clothes to hang on the line.

Monday night we enjoyed make-your-own spring rolls, using some rice paper spring roll wraps I bought at the Asian store.  Vayu and Evelyn made a spicy sauce to dip them in.  It was quite fun.  I'll add pictures later.

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Debbie said...

Hi Heather I just caught up with all of your writings. Wow your writing is so great! You have a nice way of making the reader enjoy your experences and I love knowing what you eat every meal. They sound so delicious. The photographs are beautiful. Personally I am so grateful to have Sutra to go and practice everyday. You are correct when you stated that each day is a new practice. I am never bored or feel like it's the same old, same old. It was interesting that John had you wear earplugs so you can listen to just your breath. I might try that because sometimes the sound of the dreaded fan and hearing Mary teach a new student in a little distracting. I'll be checking in each day. Namaste, Debbie Wilcox ps The tree of yoga was one of our book club books. It was very good