Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ah... connection

How awesome... had a chance to video chat with Tim before and after class.  

The clouds have gone, and there's a strong breeze, so blue sky and sunshine are coming through again.  Hopefully, my and Sarah P-C's clothes will dry on the lines now.

Today in class we revisited the entire week's classes, synthesizing everything.  Next week, we'll take turns teaching Surya Namaskar A and B in practice, as well as leading the chants.  As much as I've done those things in the past, it feels new here.  Atha yoga.  And NOW, the practice of yoga begins.  (first yoga sutra  1.1)

We're all to take tomorrow (Saturday) off, so we'll head in to Nelson, to the market.  Tim and I saw the Sunday market last year, which includes a flea market and some produce items.  Evidently, the Saturday market is more like a Farmer's Market with stores and craftspeople having stalls to sell their goods.

Since Georgie lives in Nelson, she gave us lots of ideas for things to do and places to go. 

Good time to take our yoga off the mat.  Life School, John calls it.  Breathe out (3 seconds), breathe in (3 seconds)... exhale... inhale... 
When you're paying such exquisite attention to your breath, how can you not be present?  You're just here.  You're in the now.  No past influencing, no future worrying, just here.  Just now.  

I'm realizing that my posture while sitting outside and typing is not great... not connected through the pelvis, heart, and head... so I just sat up.  Breath comes easier... more relaxed through the shoulders.  

From John:  Spine.  Relax.  Breath.  Mantra/count.

Why not try using those four things in daily life?  Feel your spine, vertical (not straight, just vertical, including the natural curves).  Relax:  drop the shoulders, drop the story line, drop the drama, drop in to earth.  Breathe and count:  exhale 1-2-3; inhale 1-2-3.  

I'm all over the place today, so it's time to be tamasic, to rest.

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