Friday, March 27, 2009


Hard to believe that the training part of my stay is over and yesterday, a few people left. Vayu and I took Evelyn to the airport, and then we ran a few errands in Nelson.

We went back to Stillpoint where I picked up my bags and prepared for a short trip to Wellington, where I am now.

A client in Haverford (or Ardmore?) lived in Wellington for about a year some years ago, and she still has a friend here (the friend is originally from NYC and she married a Kiwi). This friend, Susan, drove me around town last night, and we had dinner at a small/cozy Malaysian restaurant. Fish curry - yum. Susan had some kind of thin pancake rolled up around vegetables (dosai, maybe?); it was about 16 inches long.

Susan and her husband have been very kind and generous, letting me stay at their home, saving me quite a bit on accommodations costs.

Today I'm exploring the city: walked up and down Mt. Victoria (for a spectacular view) this morning, followed by a trip to Te Papa (the museum, which includes Maori artifacts and information, as well as a Monet exhibit - I didn't see the latter, as you have to buy advance tickets). Now I'll walk up Lambton Quay ("quay" is said like "key") to catch the cable car to the Botanical Gardens.

I found Te Aro Astanga (that "s" should have a dot over it, so you say "sh" and not "s") here in Wellington, but they're not open on Saturdays. I'd go to the led class tomorrow (Sunday) morning, but it doesn't start until 10, so I'll just have my own practice in the morning.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll return to Nelson/Upper Moutere for the last week of yoga practice and meditation, with guest teacher, Manju Jois (Pattabhi Jois's son). He may give a few talks during the week, too.

Originally, I was going to stay off-campus at a place called Philosopher's Rest, but it turns out that my sweet little room at Stillpoint is available for me, so I'll stay there.

Breathe out, breathe in...

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