Monday, March 2, 2009

The air, the water, and the food!

So, yesterday Sarah P-C (the one who works for John and Lucy - the P-C is her last name acronym) was telling us about her 6-month journey through India (including 2 months in Mysore), and how she didn't feel well at all there... and how she loves "the air, the water, and the food" in New Zealand... and of course, we all completely agreed.

We're all taking turns cooking (though Lucy cooks our lunch for us - incredibly delicious chickpea and veggie curry with rice today), and so we had a lovely split-pea soup tonight, made by Evelyn.  For dessert, we had Sarah P-C's apple crumble.  

Then, several of us hung out with Finn (John and Lucy's 11-year old son), talking about Sarah C's (the one from Scotland who now lives in NZ - and has been taking care of bees here!) aunt who can crack a glass by singing a really high note... and then the WWE came up - what? you say... WorldWide Entertainment (ie., wrestling)?!  Yes, Finn loves it.

Anyway, it was just a fun time talking all together, after a long, fascinating day of class.

Vayu and I practiced with John at 5:30 AM, which was in-cred-i-ble.  First of all, walking out under the blanket of stars to the studio, and then practicing as the stars gradually disappeared, followed by the glorious rise of the sun.  Also, just sharing space and energy with John and Vayu in yoga practice - wow... can't describe it in words... I guess Presence, or Flow, might get close.  

Then, during regular class (again, led Primary - not all the way through the series today, though), Vayu and I had the chance to watch John and Lucy teach and adjust.  I wish I could do that every day.

I was observing how Georgie's practice was flowing so nicely and how amazing her posture is... and then I hear Lucy talking with her as she's adjusting a pose, and Lucy mentions her scoliosis...?!  It became evident as she moved in to urdhva dhanurasana (backbend), but I couldn't see it from where I was standing at first.  

So many people might use scoliosis as an excuse to not exercise or not want to move their bodies, but they need not.

In the afternoon class, our group revealed its questioning nature... going way past our 3:30 ending time --- that is, going until 4:45 PM, discussing, observing, wow, it was great. 

It feels like we've all been here for over a week, and it's been two days?!

Time to zzzz.... last night, I fell asleep at 9 PM, woke up at 12 PM, and felt like it was time to get up... and it was a very strange night after that:  I would sleep for 30 minutes or maybe just 10 minutes, wake up, and again, think I'd slept through the night and it was time to get up.  This kept going until I actually got up at 4:45 AM.  

Tomorrow, I'm not in the 5:30 AM group, so I hope I just sleep restfully throughout the night.

I hope all in Philadelphia with the snow are OK and safe.  Wish I could enjoy a wonderful fire in the fireplace with my husband by my side.  I'm there in spirit.

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