Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day - the day before the adventure

Can't believe I'm not packed yet, but I'll get it done somehow.

Figured out that NZ is 18 hours ahead of eastern standard time... so I'd better not call my husband at 11 AM their time (it'd be 5 AM here). Otoh, he might just sleep through the phone ringing.

Regarding our yoga session the other day... he did a great job. He was able to create and sustain an ujjayi breath, and he followed along in the sun salutations a few poses really well. His challenges will be his hamstrings and his shoulders. I'm really curious to see/hear how John Scott works with him.
I'm also very grateful to my husband that he's willing to do this with me.
Not going for the sappy love line there, just being honest.

Thanks to all of those people who have showed interested and given support for this trip. Maybe I'll be able to convince you to go to New Zealand upon my return.

Off to explore the 8 Limbs as taught by John and Lucy Scott... and to experience New Zealand in as many ways possible.

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