Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Important things

I think I focused too much on the guide, etc., from the trip to Abel Tasman yesterday, so let me remedy that with a few other really cool things.

We kayaked around Fisherman's Island, around which are rocks, covered with green-lipped mussels - some were 5 inches across or larger. Also, there's a chorus resounding from the island, as it is covered with birds. Evidently, the birds live/nest there, but won't do so on the mainland of Abel Tasman park because of all of the stokes and other rodents that will eat them if they do. The sounds of the birds are amazing - very loud, too; you can easily hear them above the waves/water taxis/airplanes/etc.
I can't remember which island it was on, but there was a rock called "Mother Teresa's rock." It looked like a profile of a nun (with habit on). Kadri took some pictures, and said she'll send them on.

For a few of those reading, you might like to know that Flat Stanley joined me on this trip. For those who don't know about Flat Stanley, you'll have to ask my nephew, Nicholas.

Today was a full moon practice day. Some just did restorative poses, and others did the sun salutations, standing poses, and then restorative poses. It was just what I needed. After a long, challenging, and humbling practice yesterday followed by 2 hours of kayaking, my body appreciated the rest.
John will have an extra teaching session for us tonight.

For Tim, Mal, and Austin:
Just spoke with Eric from Sweden, who will definitely make this place better for my husband, as he loves music and meat. He says Jens Lekman is great (Swedish musician). Perhaps Tim will get some ideas for music to share with his brothers. Eric said he's listening to "Shout Out Louds" and Jose Gonzales a lot now. He also says "The Knife" is a really special group.
Eric's girlfriend just sent him a song called "Fake Your Beauty," by Bertine Zetlitz, and he says it's great.
EriK just looked over my shoulder and told me that they spell Eric in Sweden with a "k" on the end... so just pretend I've been writing Erik all along.
Tim, I think you and he will have a lot to talk about.

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dyoga97 said...

your newphew will get an A++ for Stanley's travels!