Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beginner's Mind

Not surprising that, during practice today, I was a beginner all over again (isn't that true every day, every practice?). John and Lucy can see everything, especially with only 9 people in the room. There are two extra because Paulo and Kristine are here; they took over teaching when John and Lucy were away on holiday.

Also, Paulo and Kristine (as well as Tim, from Vancouver, CA, here with his girlfriend, Sarah) are helping John Scott with construction... doing a little here, a little there, truly making this place a haven. Every day, something more is constructed; today, John is making steps down to the hot tub (outdoor - haven't tried it yet, surely I will soon).

The retreat center is unbelievable. It's on an old sheep farm, on 30 acres, of which they use 5. The buildings are beautiful, and very well-constructed.
Forgot to mention before (I think), that, when driving in the retreat center for the first time, a lovely sheep greeted me on the other side of the fence (on the next door neighbor's property). Also, just down the road is an enormous sheep - so much wool on it, it looks like it has an afro over it's entire body. How can it withstand that in the heat?

I'm sharing a room with Kadri (kah-dree), from Estonia, who has been away from home for 1 year, traveling and working. Last, she was working and doing yoga in Sydney. She also spent time in Thailand , doing yoga on an island, only accessible by boat. She may go back there... no surprise. Take a look!

[Tim - don't worry, Kadri is only staying a week, so you get to take her place in my room when you get here! : ) ]

After practice and breakfast, Kadri and I just explored the area - drove to Motueka and found an organic cafe (awesome coffee with any kind of milk you like - regular, soy, rice...).

I keep mispronouncing "Upper Moutere," the area in which the retreat center is located... It's not "upper moo-TARE," rather it's "upper MOO- tarry." Tim, practice that before you come.

Time for a nice nap.

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Mom said...

Sounds like you've hit the tough life in NZ! We checked the World Book and found Nelson on the north end of the southern island, right on Tasman Bay. I thought it interesting that no place in NZ is more than 80 miles from the ocean--like an over-sized Guam!Motueka is near Golden Bay and Cape Farewell. Mts. Owen,Stokes and Devil's River Peak are near. Dad and I are getting ready for the election. Glad you are learning so much! Love,Mom