Sunday, February 24, 2008


How can you express gratitude to a husband who has an open mind and heart, who is willing to try something quite new (yes, he'd taken a vinyasa yoga class, but as he said, "nothing this intense" before) for you?

John definitely pushed him this morning.  He gave Tim a 10 minute break in savasana (resting pose) in the middle of practice, and then he had him get up again.  Tim has some "homework" to do between today and tomorrow's practice.

I practiced on the other side of the room, which I think was healthy for both of us.  My practice was dedicated to God, to Tim, to us, and to John and Lucy for being such kind and inspiring teachers.

Tim and Lucy have ways (their words, their energy, their presence, their hands) to help you connect with the sushumna channel (imagine a vertical line of energy going from the bottom of your spine through the crown of the head), and breathe, and maintain focus... you can feel their compassion and their "living the yamas and niyamas" as they teach.  It's really hard to put in to words.

Just feeling so grateful to Tim, to God, to Ashtanga, to John and Lucy Scott, and to David Keil, who inspired me to come here.

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