Friday, February 29, 2008

sigh... warm and dry...

What a day... we left Punakaiki around 9:30 AM and headed for Arthur's Pass.  Sadly, it rained/drizzled/poured the whole way, but the coastal views were still spectacular.

The mountain drive was quite thrilling, too, with  many twists, turns, etc., along with waterfalls all over, probably many more than usual due to the rainfall.

We were disappointed that it was still so dismal outside upon our arrival in Arthur's Pass, as we really wanted to go up to Avalanche Peak (6-8 hour trek)... as it was, we went up (and I mean, UP!) to Punchbowl Falls (incredible, and even though it's a short trek, your legs start turning to jelly), and then back to another trek, called the Bridal Veil trek.

We never figured out why the latter was called Bridal Veil trek, as we had to really watch our footing.  The path itself was pretty much waterlogged the whole way, so our feet got soaked, along with our pants.  Next time, waterproof pants will definitely be packed for such a trip.

Thankfully, we have a nice place to stay (could easily sleep 3-4 more people), with a warm, though low-pressure shower.

Can't help but think about being in Upper Moutere.  I/we have so many fond memories from there, from the yoga, from the people... no wonder I felt drawn here.

Don't know if I mentioned it in the last blog, forgive me if I did, but on the last day, John spent a good bit of time talking with me about the rajasic, sattvic, and tamasic parts of yoga, life, etc.   For example, you can see the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga as rajasic (standing poses), sattvic (seated poses), and tamasic (finishing poses), and then there are cycles of these within the larger cycle... and on, and on.  Much to contemplate.

There are real treasures to be found in NZ (and surely, around the planet), and not just in the scenery, but in the people, too.

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Brook said...

Hey Heather,
Fun to hear what you've been up to. Punakaki and Arthur Pass -- its cool to hear those names again. We got to visit their during our family trip to NZ about 6 years ago. Love hearing about the food, it is so good. I can still vividly remember some of the meals. Wish we were there to go out to dinner with you all!

Brook M.