Friday, February 29, 2008

Green-lipped mussels

Forgot to mention that Tim and I shared some green-lipped mussels at dinner last night (along with fish 'n chips).  We'd had some mussels on the wine tour, but they were out of their shells. 

The green-lipped shells are really beautiful, and these were delicious in a white broth, that was just as good for dunking bread as for adding taste to mussels.

The owner (at least the guy who seemed like the owner) of the cafe was really funny.  I had the hiccups when we were ordering our food, and so he identified us as "hiccups" on the check, not by our names.

There was also a very cute black cat scurrying around the cafe - very friendly and playful.  We wondered if the cat was as friendly when the cafe was full (there were only 3-4 other people there when we were).  
Reminded me of Topaz and Max at home... we miss you guys!  (yes, I realize it's crazy to send a message to your cats at home on a blog).

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