Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Wow - too long since my last post... when was it, Sunday?

The week is flying by so fast.  Tim started his study of Ashtanga Monday morning, and he's working hard.  He was quite sore this morning (Wednesday, the 27th), but he went to practice and felt better afterward. 

It's been a fun/challenging 3 days (so far) of practice for me this week, so today, we just hung around the retreat center, and took a trip to Motueka to get supplies for a community dinner tonight (veggie pizza, bean and butternut squash burritos, salad, chocolate vegan cake).  

Tomorrow, we're going on a wine and brewery (4 wineries, 1 brewery) tour in and around Nelson.  Tim, Erik and I went to Founder's Organic Brewery yesterday afternoon, after a blissful swim at Rabbit Island beach.  At Founder's, the guys had beer (very good, they said), and we all got delicious appetizer plates (the guys had  "Ploughman's plates," and I had the hummus plate), as their kitchen was no longer serving lunch entrees.

Today after practice, I had a Biodynamic Craniosacral session with Lucy.  It was wonderful - very centering, very opening/healing.  Hope I can find someone in or around Philadelphia who does the same work.  It goes very deep.

Time to make tonight's salad.  It's a clear night - again - so the southern cross will surely be directly overhead again (as it has been every night - just covered by clouds once).


me said...

hey guys,
its malach. hope you are having a great trip. please upload some pictures soon!
also, ask erik if he likes the tough alliance or el perro del mar. a couple of our favorite swedish acts...

Padma Sundara said...

Mal -

Just read your comment (sorry, didn't check earlier)!

Erik hadn't heard of el perro del mar, and Tim didn't ask him about tough alliance.

Erik gave Tim a bunch of Swedish music, so you'll have some new music to explore when we return.

Will try to get Tim to upload some pics.