Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love beginnings

Thought it would be good to start this blog before I leave for New Zealand on February 15th to study with John Scott, my teacher, David Keil's teacher. 

First, some background... as a little girl, I dreamed of visiting New Zealand.  It just seemed so exotic - partly because it was so far away, and partly because there's a "Z" in its name.  My parents put a world map on our kitchen wall, and it fueled many questions about various countries... no one seemed to know much about New Zealand, as I remember... so now, I'm going to find out for myself.

I'll be on my own for a week at John and Lucy Scott's retreat center near Nelson, New Zealand, on the northern end of the south island, with Mysore practice every morning, and a couple of pranayama or other yoga-related classes offered during the week.

On Saturday, the 23rd, I'll drive to Kaikoura to swim with the dolphins.

Sunday, the 24th, my husband will join me at the retreat center.  Not a practicing yogi, he's nervous about it.  David Keil says that John Scott is the best person to teach absolute beginners, and I know Tim has nothing to worry about.

After that week at the retreat center, we'll travel south to Hokitika, Queenstown, and Dunedin.  Then, we'll head north to Christchurch and fly to Napier, on the north island.  Our tentative plans are to go through Rotorua (which our noses will remember, if nothing else... Rotorua is a sulphur-laden area) to Auckland, hopefully making it to Matakana, a wine-making region in the northland.

Now I'm going to reintroduce my husband to yoga... just to prime him for the experience.

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Mom said...

I typed this once, but here goes again. I am sorry my info did not get to you before you left for NZ. But hopefully Tim will bring/pass it on to you and we will be most grateful. Talk about beginnings, Dad will work with me at the polls next week. We go to the training session this afternoon @ 5 pm. Love, Mom