Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weather has its way

We're here in Christchurch enjoying a sunny yet rather cool day. Headed to the east coast of the south island yesterday (Sunday), actually going as far as Akaroa for a harbour cruise --- which was unfortunately cancelled when we arrived due to wind/rain. Very disappointing, but we did enjoy walking around the quaint town before heading to Christchurch.

Last night, we had a decent/fun but not-quite-as-good-as-we-expected dinner at Dux de Lux, near the Art Centre. After, we went to Sticky Fingers (restaurant and bar) for a drink and dessert (trifle - fantastic)... think we would have liked dinner there better, but swaha.

Today, we both practiced in the AM (as we did yesterday - yay, Tim... John had asked him if he would roll out his mat on Sunday, and he did... and he practiced), had a great breakfast at Vic's Cafe, and walked to the Art Centre (more shops than actual artist studios, but still cool to see). We also took an hour to walk around the Christchurch Art Gallery, which was fantastic.

Tim then indulged me - we went "punting on the Avon River" through a bit of Hagley Park (3rd largest city park in the world next to Stanley Park in Vancouver and Central Park in NYC). Punting is pretty much the English version of going on a gondola. One of the guys working at the place was from Clark County, Wisconsin, and he's been here 8 years.

Now we'll head to The Twisted Hop brewery (we're at an internet/backpackers info centre in Cathedral Square - very impressive cathedral, btw) and to dinner at Saggio di Vino.

Gotta let Tim get to his email. We only have dialup service at the hotel.

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