Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of THOSE practices...

Yesterday, I just wanted to climb back in bed with my cats rather than practice (which I have done before... if I need the nap, it becomes yoga nidra and my yoga practice for the day)... but, on this kind of lethargic day, I often give practice a chance, just to see what will happen.  Sometimes I make it through sun salutations and do a verrrrrry long savasana, and sometimes I do more.

Well, this time the practice just awakened my energy.  Literally, breath by breath, it seemed, energy seemed to arise from nowhere, and I enjoyed a full practice.  Sometimes, it's amazing what can happen when you give practice a chance.  All we have to do is stand on the mat and breathe, and then see what happens.

It's not that the practice is perfect or even nearly so... but there's "just something" about the Presence in the practice, where the prana just keeps growing, and the thinking just keeps getting more silent.  Some asanas are challenging and some are relatively easy, and it doesn't matter.  Whatever is, is.  

I'll have to make a point of posting when this doesn't happen.  In the meantime, the effects of such a practice seem to bubble over to many following practices, without any conscious effort.

I rest with gratitude.

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Beth said...

Well, _that's_ a great bit of inspiration. I find home practice to be such a struggle! I'll remember what you wrote the next time my cats try to lure me into snuggling...