Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's see what the morning brings

Not sleeping well (in part, due to wonderful cats snuggling in the bed) and then waking up with my upper back and right side of my neck on fire led me to believe that this (yesterday) would not be a "good practice day."  Note to self (lower case "s"):  It's not necessary to label practices.

Anyway, I showed up on my mat to see what would happen.  Sometimes, practice heals these out-of-nowhere morning "injuries."  Actually, often, I'm surprised what I can still do.  Other times, not so much.  Then, meditation and rest are the healers.

I added in many more sun salutations than the normal 5 A and 5 B, as my body did, indeed, feel better as I went along, and my head flexion and extension gradually improved.  No Second Series this time, though; that was for sure.  A-ha... I needed Yoga Chikitsa (yoga therapy) = Primary Series!  It really helped.  I could barely look up at the ceiling when I started, and by the end, I could look up and back.

Admittedly, last week I made the mistake of doing Second Series with a similar neck pain... well, it felt better at the end of practice, but worse the next day... but then better the following day... so was it a mistake?  Who knows.  Svaha.

Btw, tomorrow is Jill Manning's workshop at Blue Banyan Yoga in Mt. Airy, PA., and I'm going.  Jill is an excellent teacher who knows how to connect with students of all levels.  So, if you want to experience joy while learning about drop-backs, come join in the fun!

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