Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time flies, even in each present moment

We're constantly reminded on this trip to be in, and appreciate the present moments as they fly by.

I'm in a convenience store in Auckland now as we're waiting for our room to be ready at the hotel.

We had a nice drive to Rotorua Wednesday, with better weather there when we arrived. Unfortunately, Zorbing was not happening, as it was too windy... well, we could have done the wet-version, but neither of us wanted to get soaking wet.

So - we went on a beautiful gondola ride, and went on the Sky swing (165 kph upon release) out over the edge of the "mountain" (quite a rush!), and then on two luge runs down the mountain. Really fun!

We then found our B&B, Ferntree Cottage, run by two lovely people, Val and Jeff Brennan, and their cat, Snapper, and dog, Josie. They told us about a fun dinner place called the Fat Dog, and it was fun - and delicious.

Val made us a delicious breakfast (Tim even had waffles) before we headed out of town, stopping on the way at Hamurauna (sp?) spring (Val's suggestion). Many years ago, several divers went in to the spring and recovered 5000 1860 pennies out of the spring, which were given to various local charities. Pretty cool!
The spring was so clear you could see every stone and green thing growing in it, as was the stream coming from it. We loved the walk to/from as well, being surrounded by humongous redwoods and being serenaded by musical birds. Tim recorded the birdsongs using his digital camera, so perhaps we can identify them later.

We both practiced again this morning (thank you, John and Lucy, once again!), and were greeted thereafter by Snapper wanting attention.

OK, time to see Auckland... back to this present place in this present moment.
Love to all. Come to see this amazing place!

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