Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Going with the flow

Time to practice some real flexibility - ie., in planning... as in, things don't always go the way you plan.

We flew to Napier without any problems yesterday, but unfortunately, it was raining when we landed.
Europcar had to upgrade us for our car (which sounds good until you're told you're getting an 8-person minivan that doesn't get great gas mileage and that needs big parking spaces)... can't help also feeling a bit guilty driving down the road with only 2 people in such a vehicle.
It does have great acceleration (and it's a KIA!), which we could have used in Arthur's Pass.

Take a breath and go with it...

So, we stopped by Mission Estates winery, the oldest winery in NZ, and perhaps the one with the most expensive restaurant... therefore, we headed down the road to Church Road winery, which was smaller, more affordable and nice. Tim had the cheese board (and got to taste 3 different wines to pair with it), and I had orzo risotto with prawns - yum, and a cuve reserve chardonnay that was terrific... tho' I didn't finish all of the wine in my glass since I was driving, and the glass was quite generous (which we've noticed about getting wine everywhere; ie., they definitely fill glasses up more here than in the USA).

We then drove to a chocolate museum/cafe/shop, which included, for your humoristic pleasure... willy wash and bum wash (liquid soap for the private areas). The ad for the soap was even more funny than the soap package itself.
...reminds me of what we've seen in at least two wool/silk shops: willy warmers and nipple warmers made out of sheeps' wool (or was it possum silk?)

With the rain ongoing here in Napier, we sadly didn't get a good look at the bay; perhaps we'll get a view before we head to Rotorua this morning. This area must be beautiful when you can see the hills and bay.

We found a nice tapas place last night, so we had a pleasant dinner.

We both practiced this morning in a bit of a lack of space... another opportunity to go with the flow, use what you've got. Guess I need to learn and relearn this. Sometimes, lack of space is actually helpful in cultivating dharana and dhyana...

Time to find out if we can get Tim a battery recharger for his computer, and then we'll head to the sulphur-soaked area of Rotorua, including some nice hot mineral baths, and Zorbing!

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