Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of those days when I caught myself saying "Svaha" a lot in my mind...

I have a shirt with Svaha on the front, and "Offer it up to the Divine" (approximation) on the
back... so, Svaha can be an oblation, but it has other, related meanings...

In Tibetan, it means "so be it," and is often said, "so-ha."

It can be used as an interjection (for Buddhist and Hindu chants).

Sometimes, I think of it as, "That's the way it is, oh well... accept it and move on."  

This can be very helpful when you have a week of practice when you can barely backbend because of an ache in your ribcage.  I've been through such aches before, and they're often accompanied by the fear of, "What if this doesn't go away?" or, "What if something is really wrong?" or "Will I ever be able to do -x- again?"

I'm feeling achy.  Svaha.
I'm sad; it'll pass.  Svaha.
I'm happy, and I'm happy I'm happy.  Svaha.
Practice is difficult today.  Svaha.
There's a beautiful sun out today.  Svaha.
For practice today, I take rest.  Svaha.
Mind is frantic.  Svaha.
Practice is fun today.  Svaha.
Emotions are like rollercoasters.  Svaha.
So much to do.  Svaha.
Focus.  Svaha.
Be Present.  Svaha.
Practice, and all is coming.  Svaha.
Thank you, Pattabhi Jois.

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