Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet little bird

This beautiful little bird accidentally flew in to our shala lounge/kitchen area the other day and couldn't find its way back out.  It actually flew in to the sliding door window and seemed quite frightened after landing on the couch nearby.  
I slowly walked over to it, and gently picked it up in my hands, hardly believing it was letting me touch it.
Then, I walked to the door and outside and placed him on a low branch, but then thought it'd be better to put him up higher (with cats around), and I did.  
Bless him, he sat on that little perch for maybe 10 minutes, and then Vayu saw him fly away.  
His nervous system must have been overwhelmed by the stress of what happened and he needed to rest...
... hmmm....  perhaps similar to us humans when we get overstressed...

He was so sweet.

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