Thursday, April 2, 2009

More pictures from the musical festival at the shrine

Top picture shows many of the people at the music festival, and in the background you see the marimba band playing.  Second picture was taken outside the meditation room (from the last set of pictures) where the prayer wheels are situated; you spin them.  Painted between them is the mantra, "Om Mane Padme Hum."  (This is the Tibetan way of saying it; some say it's just "Om Mane Padme Om.")  See  The mantra originated in India in Sanskrit; one translation is, "The Divine resides in the lotus of my heart."  
Anyway, when you spin the prayer wheels with the mantra painted on them, you are sending out wishes and energy to liberate all souls from suffering, and offering compassion to/for all.

The third picture is a very young girl (perhaps 8 years old) walking on very tall stilts; she walked all over the place without any problem with balance.

Fourth picture is a ceramic "paint the deity" activity.

Lastly, there's a picture of a young woman in some kind of costume - not sure what she was supposed to be.

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